The Personal Website of Professor Sir Tony Atkinson

Professor Sir Tony Atkinson is an academic economist particularly concerned with issues of social justice and the design of public policy. He has been writing on economics since the 1960s, when his first book was on poverty in Britain and his second on the unequal distribution of wealth. He is currently working on top incomes, contributing to the World Top Incomes Database, and on monitoring rising inequality across the world. Together with Joe Stiglitz, he wrote Lectures in Public Economics, and today he is developing research on global public economics.


Research Interests and Current Research Projects

Professor Atkinson is a researcher in economics and focuses on the economics of income distribution and poverty.

His research is concerned with:

  • Distribution of income and wealth
  • Poverty and the welfare state
  • European social agenda
  • Global public economics
  • Welfare economics

Current research focuses on the following:

  • Top incomes over the long run
  • European social monitoring
  • Incomes in British colonies
  • Charitable giving for development