The books are listed in reverse chronological order.

Measuring Poverty around the World, Princeton University Press, 2019 – more information on the page dedicated to this book.

Inequality – What Can Be Done?, Harvard University Press, 2015 – more information on the page dedicated to this book.

Public Economics in an Age of Austerity, Routledge, 2014. – the book’s website is here.

The Changing Distribution of Earnings in OECD Countries, Oxford University Press, 2008.

The EU and Social Inclusion, (with E Marlier, B Cantillon and B Nolan), Policy Press, 2006.

Social Indicators : The EU and Social Inclusion, (with B Cantillon, E Marlier and B Nolan), Oxford University Press, 2002.

Inegalités économiques, (with M Glaude, L Olier and T Piketty), La documentation Française, 2001.

The Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State, MIT Press, 1999.

Poverty in Europe, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1998 (translated into Italian).

Incomes and the Welfare State, Cambridge University Press, 1996 (translated into Japanese) (third volume of collected papers).

Income Distribution in OECD Countries (with L. Rainwater and T. Smeeding), OECD, 1995 (also in French).

Public Economics in Action, Oxford University Press, 1995 (translated into Italian and Chinese).

Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe and the Distribution of Income (with J Micklewright), Cambridge University Press, 1992.

Empirical Studies of Earnings Mobility (with F Bourguignon and C Morrisson), Harwood Academic Publishers, 1992.

Poverty and Social Security, Harvester Press, 1989 (second volume of collected papers).

Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Duration (with J Micklewright), STICERD Occasional Paper No.6, 1986.

Parents and Children (with A K Maynard and C G Trinder), Heinemann, 1983.

Social Justice and Public Policy, Harvester and MIT Press, 1982 (first volume of collected papers).

Lectures on Public Economics (with J E Stiglitz), McGraw-Hill, 1980 (translated into Spanish).

The Distribution of Personal Wealth in Britain (with A J Harrison), Cambridge University Press, 1978.

Economics of Inequality, Oxford University Press, 1975 (translated into Japanese and Spanish), second edition, 1983.

The Tax Credit Scheme and the Redistribution of Income, Institute for Fiscal Studies, 1973.

Unequal Shares – Wealth in Britain, Allen Lane Press and Penguin, 1972.

Poverty in Britain and the Reform of Social Security, Cambridge University Press, 1969 (translated into Japanese).


Edited Books and Reports

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