Selected Articles by Topic

Design of taxation

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Distribution of income

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Distribution of wealth

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Economics of the welfare state

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EU social policy

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Global public economics

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Health economics

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Macro-economics and distribution

“Macroeconomics and the Distribution of Income” in Markets, Unemployment and Public Policy (eds. P Arestis, G Palma and M Sawyer), Routledge, 1997, 207-221.

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Measurement of inequality and poverty

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On data

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Policies to combat poverty in the UK

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Public economics

“Public Economics and the Economic Public”, European Economic Review, 1990, vol 34: 225-248.

“The Mirrlees Review and the state of public economics”, Journal of Economic Literature, 2012, vol 50: 770-780.

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Top incomes

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Unemployment compensation

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Welfare economics

“The Commitment to Equality” in Socialism in a Cold Climate (ed. J A G Griffith), 1983, 22-36.

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