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Chartbook of Economic Inequality

Economic Inequality in 25 Countries since 1900

The Chartbook presents the empirical evidence about long-run changes in economic inequality. The chartbook covers 25 countries – often over the course of more than one hundred years. For each country a chart shows how different dimensions of economic inequality have changed over time. A detailed description of the data sources is given for each country.

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The World Top Incomes Database

The world top incomes database aims to providing convenient on line access to all the existent series on top income shares. These series are constructed on the base of tax data. Data for more than 20 countries are included in the database and further countries are under study right now. Work on the database is an ongoing endeavour, and the database is updated, as authors extend the series forwards and backwards.

→ ‘The World Top Incomes Database’ is online here.




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